HEALing Community Center

HEALing Community Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) dedicated to improving the health of families, individuals, and communities who encounter barriers to treatment at traditional medical institutions. The Center was founded by Dr. Charles E. Moore and moved into its space on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in 2014. Dr. Moore previously worked in the Grady Health System, where he encountered many patients who didn’t seek help until their conditions were quite serious. His research showed that these patients came from neighborhoods with high poverty and unemployment and low access to healthy food and transportation. He started offering free head and neck screenings out of the back of his car, and the organization grew as more doctors, medical students, and volunteers contributed time and resources. HEAL now has two locations that offer medical, dental, and mental health services to more than 6,000 Atlantans a year.

HEAL aims to serve people who might not usually have access to health services, whether general prevention screenings or specialized treatment. They work with patients who might be intimidated by other clinics and hospitals because of cultural or language barriers or high bills, or who might not otherwise have access to treatment because of transportation problems. HEAL offers these consumers a comfortable, accessible, centralized location for medical care. They also help patients find affordable options for prescription medications and work with those needing access to health insurance through the Marketplace or Medicaid. Their fees are on a sliding scale, and they provide some walk-in availability as well as appointments. In addition, they work to educate the community on healthy practices and close gaps in access for the families and communities they serve.

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