Busy Bee Cafe

A place brought about through the vision of Lucy Jackson, a self-taught cook, who in 1947 sought to open a restaurant, now lives on as an ever-popular Soul Food kitchen and developed to become a safe haven for the African American community during the Civil Rights Movement. After serving as a successfully established neighborhood business for over two decades, Lucy Jackson decided to retire and that would lead to the eventual new owner who currently is Tracy Gates.

A space situated in its historical trajectory not only as a restaurant, but as one of the few business that was established in times of segregation and still stands as a symbol of the longevity and unity of the African American community. Tracy and her team pride their ongoing success to be grounded on the authenticity they serve through their food and ongoing service to not only the neighboring communities but also customers from all over the world. Lucy Jackson’s vision continues to live on in the immense dedication of Tracy Gates to preserving the soul of Busy Bee Cafe.

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