The CWK Community Assets Portal is one of nine portals on the CWK Data Dashboard. Generally, the Data Dashboard serves as a one-stop shop for key data that is useable by community stakeholders, researchers, local government agencies, and relevant foundations who want a ready reference for information on Atlanta communities, but particularly Westside Atlanta communities. The Data Dashboard is designed, therefore, with two imperatives in mind: 1) to be a user-friendly tool for this process in offering quantitative and qualitative data from publicly available sources; and 2) to be an evidence-based resource for knowledge-building and strategic planning.

The CWK Community Assets Portal constitutes a starting point, a baseline documentation for various community-based/community-facing assets that exist in Westside neighborhoods, from churches to businesses, arts organizations, organizations related to health, environment, economic development, education and more. The priority is two-fold. On one hand, this portal is designed to offer preliminary information about community-based/community-facing organizations to demonstrate the commitment in Westside neighborhoods to their own development and sustainability. In addition, the portal is also designed to present in greater detail the historic depth of these commitments by showcasing the history and achievements of specific exemplars, as demonstrated by the inaugural showcase of the Conservancy at Historic Washington Park.

The ultimate goal of the CWK Community Assets Portal is to function as a meaningful resource in efforts across the Westside to bring a more robust understanding to the richly endowed history and accomplishments of Westside neighborhoods and to bring visibility to the current operations of community assets as they dedicate themselves to keeping longstanding, though often under-served, communities vibrantly on the move. Through this portal, we will continue to add exemplars and to highlight stories of the impact and consequence of community-based/community-facing work in creating brighter horizons for our urban environments.